Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Woodlands

Saturday evening we met some of our family, that we maybe see once a year, in The Woodlands. It was a lot of fun. We met at Landry's to eat an early dinner, and from there we headed out into the cold. Our plan was to take the water taxi tour, but it wasn't running at the time, so we walked a pretty good distance to the trolley stop. The trolley was by far my favorite. We were packed in their like sardines and picked up lots of people on our long trip. We picked up one lady that insisted we all sing. We had already been singing before she got on there, but she was a high spirited lady, that wanted to lead the group. I think she had indulged in too many spirits actually :) The christmas lights were so pretty. I haven't been to The Woodlands in years and I had no idea they had ashopping center of that magnitude. With all the high dollar cars and high dollar stores, I felt just a little bit fancy even being there. We didn't shop though.
Here we are on the San Francisco treat.
These horse statues are outside P.F. Changs and I thought they were so neat. I took plenty of pictures of them. Emma loved climbing on them, which made me nervous.

We finally got a water taxi ride, and it proved to be a great source of entertainment. The driver REALLY loved his job, which made it much more enjoyable. I can't wait to go back next year !

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