Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Wow ! What a whirlwind of events ! My house has been busy busy, but thankfully it's starting to calm down. We are so blessed and have had such a good time in the past week, even amidst the organized chaos. I have finally set up a Flickr account, and as soon as feasibly possible, I will post the pictures I took from the holidays. For now, I will share a few.

Do you think the animals have been feeling a little neglected ? James and I have been non-stop around the house planning for Christmas Day. Not to mention, we hosted a Sunday school party the Saturday before. So, we've been pretty busy with cleaning and cooking and wrapping, etc. etc. I finally sat down for a bit on Christmas Eve and Nalani decided she needed to be held. Now, Nalani is not a small creature. In fact, she was 110 at her last vet appointment a few months ago, and I'm pretty sure she's gotten wider since then ! She "snuck" into my lap and almost crushed the life out of me.

I think James and Emma checked the Santa tracker a hundred times before she actually fell asleep. After each time they looked, she would take off running around the house saying "I'd better get to sleep !" She'd run to her room and a few minutes later, she'd get up and find something else she needed to do. She almost forgot about leaving a treat for Santa. She decided since Santa was fat, he probably needed something healthy to eat, and he might need a snack for the reindeer. She left carrot sticks, fat free veggie dip, and a bottled water. What a little health nut.

And finally, she went out.....I don't know if she had visions of sugar plumbs dancing in her head, but she did look pretty sweet.

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