Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Wonder Slam

Friday night we went to the Winter Wonder Slam at the Toyota Center in Houston. It was awesome. There was a new artist named B.Reith, Family Force 5, Relient K, and TobyMac. I finally got to meet my cyber friend, the beautiful and talented Liz Jordan from the afternoon show on KSBJ. Such a sweet soul !
This was pre-show. We were practicing our screams (silent screams here). I told Emma she could scream as loud and as often as she wanted to, and she wouldn't get in trouble. She was loving that.
We have officially decided we have a head banger child. Emma says her new favorite band is Family Force 5, and she jumped up and down, and thrashed her hair the entire show.
She patiently waited to get a souvenir and this is what she picked....After a long night of dancing, screaming and a late night trip to IHOP, she wore herself out

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Addy said...

I so wanted to go to that!I bet it was hype and such a blast!!You guys took some real cute pics.
Next concert to keep an eye on: Tomlin in Feb...I imagine the Worship is going to be Wonderful.