Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taft Art Market

Saturday was a big day for us. Mom, Emma, and I got up Saturday morning and drove into Houston to check out the Taft Art Market. It was held at Ecclesia Church in Houston and it was super neat. It was like a miniature "Etsy", but without the shipping costs, or waiting period to get your goods ! I got a lot of neat ideas for things I could make and even made a few purchases. Emma made a Christmas card and a Christmas tree in a bottle and she was not happy when it was time to go.

I was very intrigued by Ecclesia Church based solely on the appearance of the building. It was very "us" and we are eager to check it out. They had the neatest paintings on the wall. I guess they belonged to the church, but they could've been for sale ! I didn't think to ask ! This particular painting was my favorite. I think it described perfectly the transformation of being born again and molded in Christ's image. That's what I got out of it anyways. I guess it's a matter of opinion. Isn't it beautiful ?

From the art market, we walked a few blocks back to the car, but were sidetracked by the Texas Junk Co. (I think that was the name). I have been looking for an old vintage chair for my bedroom, and they had one on the sidewalk. We went in hoping to find more, but that was the only on they had. What they DID have was frames and boots, and lots of them ! I've never seen this many boots in all my life. I thought they were really cool, even though I was a little freaked out being in there. I know junk shops hold many treasures, but I've always had a slight phobia of them. I'm weird. I had to snap some pictures to share because I am still amazed at how much stuff this place had.

So cool !!!

We headed home to get the boys, and headed to The Woodlands.

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