Monday, November 3, 2008

My country tis of thee....

Tonight we had the joy of attending Emma's first Kindergarten program. It was for Veteran's Day and they did a bang up job. I was very impressed at how many songs they had learned for the event. It was so hilarious watching all of the kids singing words to songs that they barely know, but yet it sounds like they all have it right. I found this picture to be very entertaining. Micah with his face all scrunched up. Two little girls singing with their lips poked out and then this little guy on the bottom right that you know is probably a cut up all the time....there were many laughs....I hope there will be one at Christmas!

Before the program Emma wanted to do a little modeling and was acting like a diva tough girl. I'm assuming this is something she has seen somewhere on the Disney channel, but I can't be sure since she did just start public school. She does it to be silly and she always makes me laugh.
Maybe its me, but this is definitely my kid....Solemn Sam in most pictures. That's just how we roll !
Now, I made a promise on the Halloween post about sharing one of my favorite costumes from the other night. Obama/Palin....wouldn't that be a crazy match ! I love this couple. So bold, yet so funny! I figured it would be fitting to post this now since tomorrow is the election. Please do your part and go vote. Every vote DOES count and it's your right! Have a great evening. ;}
Gotta love these guys !!

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nonni said...

Her program was great and I was VERY impressed that they had pretty much learned the words to all of the songs. That was lots of word to remember. All too cute.

And the Palin, Obama costumes were great and they were very brave to don them.