Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas 101

I realize that my last post was about Halloween and here I am already talking about Christmas, but I have so many ideas in my little head that I may explode if I don't speak out loud. At least for a moment. I was so looking forward to Christmas this year. We just bought the house last March and moved in right after we married in April, so there are a lot of cool "firsts" for us to experience. I love getting together for Christmas and it by far is the best time of year for me. Since the house has been in shambles, I have an even deeper desire for the fellowship of family at Christmas. James and I are so ready to be in a house that is complete that once it's fixed, we joked that we were going to stay there for a week and do nothing. Yesterday Christmas was the subject over lunch. Who. What. When. You know all the normal questions that get thrown around every year. James and I suggested to my mom that we would maybe like to have it at our house this year. We haven't informed anyone else thus far, but my mind is racing with things I'd like to do. Mom and I went Christmas decor shopping yesterday. I have no tree decorations, or house decorations and I come from a mother that thinks every room needs to be decorated, and alot of that rubbed off on me. We just have very different taste. We went to Target and I was disappointed that they had no tree ornaments out yet. I have a lot to get and didn't want to have to get it at the last minute. I did find these disco ball table top trees that I was very excited about and I was able to buy some fall decor 1/2 price. We checked out Wal-Mart, Pier One and Michael's, but I'm holding out for Hobby Lobby. I know that they are closed on Sundays, but yet that's always the day I seem to want to go ! I'm sure I will post about Christmas several times between now and then. I just hope that what I see in my mind's eye is what I can actually pull off !


Paper Girl Productions said...

oo that's okay I ADORE Christmas and enjoy reading anything Christmas!! In fact I made my Handmade Holiday Gift Guide in October which I posted up my blog and site. lol!! I'm going to be putting up my tree 3 wks...!!!!

nonni said...

There is nothing wrong with decorating every room. I may not do it this year only because I really don't feel like going up and down the attic stairs. I'm sure that'll change once I start getting things up.
Woo hoo....Christmas. I just love sparklies !!