Thursday, November 13, 2008

I can see the light.....

I promise I haven't completely abandoned my blog, our computer has just been out of commission. More like, under a lot of plastic and too much dust. The house is almost complete and I couldn't be more ready to get it back ! I'll be posting a few pictures as soon as I can. I know this sounds strange, but I am really looking forward to spending the weekend cleaning ! I hate to clean, but the dust is really getting to me. We have a had a busy week and a little fun too. Monday night we went to Hobby Lobby and loaded up on their 50% off sale on Christmas decor. I'm so excited about the holidays, secretly, I think James is too. =) Tuesday I started feeling bad and all I wanted was to lay in my bed, but I had to stay away from the house because of all the work being done. It was a crazy, busy, rainy day and I felt worse by that evening and was so glad to be going home to go to bed. Well, we got home and they were still working and decided to keep working through the night. So we loaded back up and headed to mom's. I couldn't breathe, there was fire in my throat and there was rain of Biblical proportions hitting their uninsulated tin roof. It was nuts ! James and I slept on a mattress in the living room last night and I just knew that would be so comfortable, but my nose plugged up worse. I was wishing for some Afrin just so I could sleep, but I didn't have any. I ended up using some nose spray that I bought for Emma and I was surprised at how well it worked. Then the cats started attacking me.....Oh my, I better stop, or I could be here all day. I promise, beyond how I feel right now, I'm very thankful the house is almost finished and once it's done, we are locking ourselves up for a while !

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