Friday, September 19, 2008

Weathering The Storm

Well....Ike came and went, but he left alot of nastiness behind. The devastation left by the storm is so unreal and the images that are circulating are heart breaking. The storm has proven to us all how small we really are on this earth and how little control we have over our lives. We were so blessed to have our lives after a storm like this. As many of you know, Emma and I stayed at my parents house during the storm since James had to work. We had some friends staying in our house and they got the scare of their life during the first half of the storm. A tree invited its way into our breakfast area and caused a lot of damage. The insurance adjuster came to the house yesterday and the breakfast area, a good chunk of the kitchen, half of the living room, the entire back porch, and half of our roof will all have to be replaced. Oh well. We still have our home and have been so blessed through all of this. We have had more family and friends offer help to us. It's really been amazing. I've had such a peace through all of this and I know its because I'm trusting God to carry us through. Here are a couple of pictures of some of the damage.

This is our fancy new sky light....People pay good money for these !!!

God is good, ALL the time and in the midst of everything I keep thanking God for His blessings.

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Vivi said...

Bless your heart! What a mess to have to take care of. You're certainly right in that God is good and this storm was a perfect reminder of how great and vast He is and how teeny tiny we are. We're still without power so generally unplugged, but Mimi and Pawpaw are kindly hosting our family so we still have some contact with the outside world on their computer.