Monday, September 22, 2008

Tales of a Blimp

What is it about a hurricane that makes people want to really junk out ? I've gone on a junk food eating binge in all this and I can't stop. I've eaten chips by the handful, I've had Cokes like they are going out of style, and I've eaten more Pop Tarts than I know what to do with ! Even amidst all of this, I'm craving Mexican food like crazy ! Who wouldn't want a big cheesy plate of enchiladas.....Needless to say, once our power is restored and our fridge is restocked, we are going on a diet ! Maybe not a diet, but we will get back to our regular eating habits of "real people" food. I told James that we are going to live on salad and grilled chicken for a while....Thankfully, he agrees :) What a man !!!

1 comment:

noni said...

Hmmm... I prefer the chips and soda, but agree with salad & chicken.