Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

I decided to sing a song this morning instead of freaking out about the storm ! I'm sitting here at work and its already like a deserted town with the lack of employees and customers. There have been a lot of mandatory evacuations for the area. I'm trying not to obsess over this storm, but I keep finding myself staring at the hurricane tracker every 10 minutes, and this last time I squinted my eyes really hard and I really think I actually pushed the storm away from us with my amazing mind powers....yes, my brain is fried. I've gotten several emails about Emma getting out of school early today. Hopefully she'll think its fun and not be too nervous about what's going on. She already told me this morning that she is NOT happy about losing power because she likes to watch her shows ! Me, being the vain one that I am, I'm not happy about losing power because my hair will be a mess. Bad bad, I know.....So for now, with my eyes closed, I will sing a happy song, as I try to find a calmer place in my mind....

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