Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello Kitty !

If you know me, you know I love makeup. I'd love to do makeup professionally, mostly so I could play in it all day ! Some of my favorite makeup is MAC, and they always have something cool to purchase. Currently, it's Hello Kitty. How cute is this stuff ?!!

A blinged out powder compact
A plush toy....Emma would love this

A super cute tube of lipstick

Hello Kitty has gotten so popular, but it's easy to see why !


Vivi said...

wish we could team up and combine forces....i recently met up with a make up artist in houston and she's trying to beef up her portfolio so we're supposed to be shooting some of her work this summer.

I totally think you could do this on the side.

nonni said...

I know she could do it on the side. I have no doubt.

Addy said...

I checked out your flickr project & have to say you have SUCH creative ability with make-up, no doubt. I'm in a make up rut, have been for a while. It's so routine! I need lessons >:-| LOL