Monday, March 9, 2009

Circus time !

Well, not quite, but it is right around the corner ! By "it", I mean Emma's birthday and this year it's going to be a circus ! Literally ! No, seriously, you haven't been around some of her friends.....

Actually, she wanted to have a circus themed party this year and I'm SUPER excited !! Entertaining, it's what we love to do and since birthdays only come once a year, it's my favorite party to plan for. I plan ahead. Way ahead. The party isn't until the end of April, but the planning started weeks ago. We've lined up Jewels the clown to do awesome face paint and balloon animals. I hope she'll paint mine too ! Emma decided she wanted to have corn dogs and nachos which is really easy. I'm on the hunt for corn dog wrappers. You know, like the paper ones they have at Sonic ? Mmmmmm, canned cheese for the nachos....I can't wait. Mom hates canned cheese. I'm also on a hunt for some "circus" candy to give as favors. I've found plenty of what I'm looking for, but sadly, they show up on different sites and I'd like to place one order.

Cotton Candy ! The yummy pink fluffy stuff. It's a must have at a circus and I could literally eat my weight in it !
Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones ! Now, this picture does not represent the ones I'm actually looking for, but it's close. When I was a kid, my sister and I used to love going to the store for these. They had a somewhat real ice cream cone bottom and a marshmallow ice cream top, but the best part was the marshmallow. It was so chewy and thick. Not fluffy like most marshmallows, but that was the best part ! Which by the sister and I have a rule on how to eat marshmallow Peeps. First, you cut a slit in the cellophane wrapper. Then, you let them sit out for about a week with a little air exposure. Once you've done that, they are perfect for consuming. Chewy and dried out. Yes, we are weird.

And finally, Circus Peanuts ! I'm looking to get either individually wrapped peanuts, or small serving bags. Do you remember eating these banana flavored things ? This is not the candy I'm most excited about, but it IS a circus party, so it's only fitting !

This year I'm doing a small cake for Emma and cupcakes for everyone else. That's the plan anyways. I'm going to attempt to make the cake and I'll be working on a practice cake soon. That way, if I bomb, I can still order her a small cake from my tried and trust bakery. Maybe I'm a little whacko when it comes to party planning, but like I said, it only comes once a year, and it's what we love to do !!!!

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