Wednesday, June 10, 2009


James' new tattoo
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You just never know what you could get if you come to my house. You could get a song, a cake, a Bible lesson, a tattoo.....ya just never know. James' good friend Rollo came by yesterday to give James a tattoo that he's been wanting for a while. I don't have a picture of it once it was complete, but i snapped a few shots during the fun. I had forgotten how loud a tattoo gun really is. It echoed through the house. It was quite entertaining and I like the way it turned out.


nonni said...

You know I could have done that with a Sharpie and you wouldn't have had that pain look on your face !! That's just craziness...I could just hear you screamin' !!

cristina said...

when will it be your turn amber?!!

James ~n~ Amber said...

Tomorrow night !!!