Monday, June 8, 2009

Grooms cake

Grooms cake
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This is my 3rd fondant cake, and my first tiered cake and it did not come without issues as well ! Heat is not a friend of fondant and we all know how steamy it was this weekend. Well, the plan was to drop the cake at the reception site before the wedding. I was assembling it on site. A few minutes before James and I were loading up, he got a call and a transformer had blown and the power was out at the KC hall. SO, we ended up taking it after the wedding. The power was back on, but hadn't been on long so it was still pretty warm and humid in the hall. I broke the heart before I put it on, the fondant had a tear in it...among other things that I see that I don't care for. All in all, it turned out ok, and I thought it tasted really good. The bride and groom loved it and that's what matters most. James was awesome. He helped me out a lot, but he was very encouraging and that helped the most !


Leslee said...

It looks great! You did a good job!!

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