Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Practice makes perfect (so I'm told)

First pillow cake
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I realize that "practice" is called practice for a reason, but if I'm going to practice on something, in the future, I need to practice as if it's the real deal. This is my first pillow cake and it turned out alright, but I did NOT set myself up for the best results. First of all, I decided to just use what I had available to me. I wasn't about to whip up a batch of crusting buttercream, for a tiny 6 inch practice cake, so I used what I had. I happened to have a store bought can of cream cheese icing. Do you know what happens to fondant when you put it over cold cream cheese icing ? It's gets sweaty and sticky and the fondant seems to not want to cooperate very well. This was my problem, but live and learn. I also forgot to stamp the fondant with the diamond pattern before I put it on the cake. It would've been much easier to stamp first. Also, I was told to freeze the cake before carving it. I didn't care for this technique at all. Cakes thaw out really fast and it started getting too sticky. Next time I'll go a different route. All in all, I know what to do different next time, and yes, there will be a next time. I am pleased with my little buttons though :)

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