Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogging again ?

Well, I'm not making any commitments, but due to recent changes in computer access, yes, I could be blogging some again. Where have I been ? What have I been doing ? Loads !!! That's my story, sticking to it. It's been so long since I posted, I really didn't know where to begin, so rather than go backwards, we will go forward and we will start with the weekend getaway.

This weekend I was privileged to get a weekend away with James, my sister and her husband, and two other couples. We went to Boerne, TX and stayed at a golf resort. The fellas got more than their share of golf while the girls shopped. The hill country is great, and given the chance, and maybe some lotto winnings (even though I don't play) I'd move there in a heart beat. There are some great shops in Boerne on a small scale and we met some very helpful and Texas friendly shop owners. We were also fortunate enough to take a little drive to Fredericksburg. It's a magical little place and I could probably spend more time there than my budget allows. I have several favorite items after the trip and here are a few of them:

Ok, I get it's not an item, but a store built inside an old Buick dealership. I really don't have a favorite item in this store. I love it all !

Always liked it, but now I love it !! It was everywhere on everything ! I've researched this morning some tutorials on making chairs like these, and once I find the right vintage base, this type of chair will be perfect for an upcoming project.

LOVE pillow cases.
I want these, plain and simple.

Mackenzie-Childs checkered grill.
I'll ever own one of these and I honestly couldn't see dirtying it up, but it was just too cute.
Emma has already asked to change her bedroom for Christmas, so I may have to consider this company. The problem would be choosing. Super funky, excellent quality.

Very soon we will be leaving for Disneyworld. I'm hoping that my blogging days aren't over and I'll be able to give a few Mickey updates while we are gone. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and hopefully I'll be back soon !!!


james said...

i'm glad you are blogging again, i like you

noni said...

Yay! glad you're back. Hope you have agreat week, Love the pics.

nonni said...

It's about ding dong dang time. Yes the hill country is magical. I truly think that God created it so he could vacation there. So here's the deal....first one to win the lottery moves the entire family there so none of us have to be away from each other.

Grandma DD said...

Well, well, well. I check your blog on a regular basis and the two weeks I don't check ----- you come back. Welcome back I've missed you.