Monday, January 26, 2009

WNBA here she comes !!

I know I've been lacking in my posts lately and my picture taking has been very boring and non-creative, but I am just in a lull right now. My mind feels jumbled with thoughts of way too much and I honestly can't seem to shut my brain down. It'll pass, it always does and I should be back to my old self. Now on to the basketball..
Saturday was Emma's 3rd Upwards game, but unfortunately I had to work. No biggie. I knew I'd miss some games because of Saturday work. We just opened a new location and I asked to be moved because it's much closer to home. It requires working extra weekends to get it up and running...ok, I'm rambling.
Anywho, when I left for work Saturday morning I just had a feeling Emma would make a basket in her game. She has made a few during practice, but I just knew she'd get one in today. The game started at 10am and at about 10 minutes after 10, I picked up my cell phone waiting for James to send me a text message saying Emma made a shot. No sooner did I think that, the phone rang and it was my mom. As soon as I heard her voice, I knew it had happened. She made a bucket !!! Not only did she make one, she took the ball from a player on the other team and made one ! I was so excited for her. I was a little disappointed that I missed it, but excited all the same. I got reports from several people, and everyone said her confidence level shot up afterwards. I'm so proud of her. Obviously I'm partial because she's my kid, but she is the only girl on the team. She's the smallest and the youngest and she's never played sports of any kind. So this is VERY exciting for me. After I got home from work I learned that not only did she make one basket during the game, she made two !!! If I remember the story right, James said she dribbled the ball to the goal and shot and missed, but it was the wrong goal ! She got her ball and dribbled all the way to the other court and made her basket. Very cool.

Mom snapped a few shots for me.....Here's the pre-game warm-up......

Sometimes us gals just have to stop to fix our hair, which by the way, James got her ready for the game and fixed her hair. I thought she looked very cute. Didn't he do such a great job?

Post game snacks, stars, and love for the coah. I'm a little sweet on him myself.
She plays at 11am this coming Saturday and I'm hoping to see one of her game day baskets!

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